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Women's Shoe Sizes

A lot of people walk miles on a daily basis with every journey adding more than you anticipated.

You might be surprised at how far your feet are taking you and this is the reason why it is important to buy a pair of shoes that fit well.


Common foot problems can result from wearing shoes that don't fit well and this can lead to discomfort or even more serious health risks in the future.

Whether you want to know how to measure your feet or find your ideal shoe size, this women's shoe size guide would help to simplify the process.

Women shoe size chart

4 35 2 8.1875" 20.8
4.5 35 2.5 8.375" 21.3
5 35-36 3 8.5" 21.6
5.5 36 3.5 8.75" 22.2
6 36-37 4 8.875" 22.5
6.5 37 4.5 9.0625" 23
7 37-38 5 9.25" 23.5
7.5 38 5.5 9.375" 23.8
8 38-39 6 9.5" 24.1
8.5 39 6.5 9.6875" 24.6
9 39-40 7 9.875" 25.1
9.5 40 7.5 10" 25.4
10 40-41 8 10.1875" 25.9
10.5 41 8.5 10.3125" 26.2
11 41-42 9 10.5" 26.7
11.5 42 9.5 10.6875" 27.1
12 42-43 10 10.875" 27.6

How to Choose the Right Women Shoe Sizes

Measuring your feet at home is very handy when you are buying shoes online or for someone who can't go to the local store to purchase them.

The feet swell as the day progresses, so it is a good idea to measure them at the end of the day.

Women's Shoe Size Guide

If you normally wear socks with your shoes, make sure you measure your feet with your socks on, doing this will help to ensure that your shoes are not too snug when you wear both your socks and shoes.

You don't need any fancy equipment to measure your feet. All you need is a piece of paper, a pencil, and a ruler.

How to Measure Your Feet



UK Shoe Size to US Womens Sizes

The chart above tries to match women's size up as best as possible because there is no perfect way to convert US, EU, and UK sizes.

If you are in doubt as to what your size is, it is a good idea to always go for something larger - it could be half or whole size bigger to ensure that the shoe fits you properly.

This size chart is merely a guide and it is normal to have different sizes of feet.

When buying shoes it is not only the length of the shoe that should be considered, the width should be considered as well to make sure they fit properly.

Women's shoe style can sometimes vary so it is possible to find a size up or a size down that could fit you better for a particular shoe.

It is important you choose the right size of shoes as this is not only good for the health of the feet but also for comfort.

There is nothing worse than wearing a pair of shoes that pinch.