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Foot Sizes 2024

Whether you are shopping for shoes online or finding a new pair of shoes while traveling abroad, the shoe sizes can be confusing 👠.


Most shoemakers provide size charts, but here you will find converter and foot size charts.

Shoe Sizing Guide

See this ultimate shoe sizing guide to learn about the shoe terminology and tips on how to measure your feet.

Those tiny feet also need the right size footwear.

Check the age and baby shoe size chart from birth to 12 months.

The Brannock Device® is the most accurate measurement tool, but you can do it with the printable shoe size chart.

Adult Shoe Sizes


Men's feet tend to be larger than women shoe sizes, which is why we have created different size charts for you.

Printable Shoe Size Chart

The Men's shoe size chart is showing you all the sizes from 6 to 16 US in EU, UK & Inches.


We have designed an interactive shoe size converter to convert between US, CA, UK, AU and BR shoe sizes.

This converter is generic, so for kids shoe sizes we have made a specific guide.


You will be amazed who is wearing above-average shoe sizes!

Check the top 10 men and women celebrity shoe sizes here to compare your shoe size with the celebs from the TV.

Check internet provider

When searching for shoes sizes of celebrities or yourself, then you might want to do it privately without having your internet provider seeing your data.

To find out who your internet provider is you can use tools like what is my ISP and it will instantly show you if you're on a safe connection or not.

Weather Conditions

Finding the perfect shoe size is like checking the weather - you need the right information. Our website not only helps you find your ideal fit, but it also provides useful data like UV index today, barometric pressure in Toronto, and current elevation.

We're here to make sure you're prepared for any step you take, no matter the conditions. Step into comfort with us today!